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Dear fellow remote workers,

this morning, I read through some research on remote working and effects on communication. I realized, that a lot of this research is very old and outdated. Furthermore, it does not fit the current situation very well.

So I thought: Why would we not use this opportunity to do some research ourselves? This might help us to answer several interesting questions, like:

  • How does remote working work for us?
  • How do others cope with working remote?
  • What ideas are there, to improve remote working?
  • What are crucial success factors for working remote productively?
  • How does everybody feel about being remote now?

I’d like to do this with an initial survey around remote working and how you currently cope with it. If enough people participate, I will publish results as fast and regular as possible, so that we can learn together from the responses and think about next steps to dig deeper into the topic.

What do you think? Will you participate in this collaborative research project? If yes, your first step might be to participate in the survey.


If you want to be part of the research team, just contact me or leave a comment here.

Thanks! Fabian.


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